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Regulatory Affairs

The Regulatory Affairs Committee has the responsibility to monitor, evaluate, prioritize, develop strategies, determine resource needs and initiate action on legislation as well as regulatory proposals and policies that may impact the use of preserved wood products.

While the primary interest of the committee actions is to respond to issues within the Western region served by WWPI, it is understood that national issues and initiatives also have an impact on western treaters that should be supported. This includes work with the Treated Wood Council, the Creosote Council and other national, regional and state organizations.

Programs and activities for the Regulatory Affairs Committee include:

  • Monitoring – WWPI has established an effective system to identify, track and report on regulatory and legislative activity in each western state, and works closly with members to better identify emerging or potential problems.
  • Coalition Building – As directed by members, WWPI takes action to create coalitions by joining/forming alliances with state and regional business organizations, interest groups and individuals that share common goals and interests with the preserved wood industry.The Committee also coordinates with other treated wood associations and industry organizations on national issues of common concern.
  • Issues managment – The Committee and staff continually evaluate legislative and regulatory issues and determine appropriate steps when warranted. This includes reviewing action options and developing strategies to define resource needs.
  • Political Outreach – Active member involvement provides opportunities to create effective, supportive preserved wood relationships with federal, state and local elected officials. These actions are guided by an outreach strategy and provide information for member plants to use.
  • Litigation – If warranted, WWPI can organize support, create legal strategy and attract financial resources to carry out litigation on issues that represent a significant threat to the business of its members and the preserved wood industry.

Staff contact: Ryan Pessah

Members Only

Members, get current updates on Regulatory Affairs activities by logging into the WWPI Members Only site. If you do not have a password, contact WWPI. This section is open only to WWPI Treater, Supporting and Associate Members.