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Associate Members

The leading preservative makers in the country serve as Associate Members of WWPI. These companies conduct extensive research on preservative formulations that balance effective protection of wood against decay fungi and insects with minimizing any impacts on the environment where preserved wood products are used.

Associate membership is also available to companies supplying raw materials such as poles, pilings and lumber or are engaged in a major preserved wood wholesale business. For detailed information on Associate Member companies, review the Associate and Supporting Members Directory.

For information on Associate membership, contact WWPI Executive Director Butch Bernhardt at 360-693-9958.

Preservative, Fire Retardant Manufacturers
Arxada, Smyrna, GA
Kop-Coat Protection Products, Pittsburgh, PA
Koppers Performance Chemicals, Griffin, GA
Nisus Corporation, Rockford, TN
Rain Carbon, Inc., Hamilton, ONT
Trans Western Chemicals, Fullerton, CA
U-C Coatings, Seattle, WA
U.S. Borax | Rio Tinto, Chicago, IL
Viance, LLC, Charlotte, NC

Wood Manufacturers, Distributors
Aspire Industries Ltd., Burns Lake, BC
Boise Cascade, Boise, ID
Bridgewell Resources, LLC, Tigard, OR
Hampton Lumber, Portland, OR
Sierra Pacific Industries, Anderson, CA
Trans Canada Forest Products, Henryville, QUE
Weekes Forest Products, Inc., Lake Oswego, OR
Western Forest Products, Inc., Vancouver, BC
Weyerhaeuser Co., Ltd., Seattle, WA