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Preserved Lumber and Plywood

Sawn preserved wood such as lumber, timbers and plywood offer a durable, natural and economic way to add outdoor recreation areas and enhance the look of landscaping.

Preserved wood is an excellent choice for creating outdoor areas that the whole family can enjoy. Wood decks constructed with preservative-treated lumber create a flexible space for entertaining that can withstand the elements. Gazebos, benches and landscape timbers can turn a yard into an inviting area.

Through the Lumber & Plywood Committee, WWPI conducts activities designed to protect and enhance markets for sawn preserved wood and plywood used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Utilizing a variety of communications strategies and tactics, WWPI works to develop and reinforce positive views of the design and construction community and media regarding the use of preserved wood and the need to assure quality products in the market. This, in turn, helps build support for use preserved wood among state, regional, local governments, ports, recreational organizations, and other entities that affect the selection or use of these products.

Institute activities for Lumber & Plywood include:

  • Outreach – Correcting misinformation in the marketplace and addressing political and regulator bias that negatively influences perceptions about preserved wood are critical to maintaining markets for preserved lumber and plywood. WWPI's outreach program responds with proactive use of science and technical information to influence the opinion about the safe use of preserved wood in the Western states. This includes working in the building code and industry standards arena to assure preserved wood products are not unfairly discriminated against in policies, regulations and building practices.
  • Publications, digital media – WWPI has built an solid foundation of technical and product information to support the use of preserved wood. The website features an entensive overview of preserved wood products, the preservatives used and the process of treating wood products. The online Technical Library is the home for scores of publications and digital tools supporting the use of preserved wood in a variety of applications.
  • Research – On behalf of its members, WWPI conducts research concerning the performance of existing preserved wood products, as well as exploring new products or systems that can expand demand for preserved wood products.
  • Education – Expanding the understanding of how wood is treated and how it can be used is critical to efforts to support and expand preserved wood and plywood. WWPI provides this necessary education through presentations, webinars, trade show appearances and face-to-face meetings before those specifying and installing preserved wood.

Staff contact: Butch Bernhardt

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